РThe  attitudes of people, reveal what their mind are made off; every individual is a product of the  family background and enviroment in which he/she lives.

– If the mind has been fed with hates and other ills, the mind will produce it one day in one way or the other.

– Some people are swept away by the challenges they face, with these nest bitterness, hates or fear. When full to the brim they begin to act as been obsessed and becomes threat to the society.

– Things you should not tell people

1) Good for nothing, everyone good in one thing or the other

2) you don’t worth it, the fact that you don’t find anything good in him , some other person will do.

3) don’t bark on someone who request you, be polite and tell him how nice he or she is but you are not prepared for that now.

4)you are not of my class or my race, there is only one language that the nature understand and the language is love( respect for others, help someone to become an asset to the society and not a deliquent